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Beverly Hills Esthetic

Dental Laboratory in Beverly Hills

Dental Laboratory in Beverly Hills, CA, is where respected cosmetic dentists and dental clinics around the world meet their designers.

Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Restoration
IPS emax Layered Crowns

Are you looking for a designer to transform a life-changing smile for your customers? Why not give us a try for immaculate crowns and porcelain veneers?

The designer and creator of a smile masterpiece.

Beverly Hills Esthetic delivers all West Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, CA, Holywood, Santa Monica, Century City, and Westwood. In addition, we use the best overnight services to deliver all parts of the U.S. and the world.

In fact, we are aware that it is often challenging to find everything under one roof when choosing a dental laboratory. So, if you are an implant and cosmetic dentist disappointed with your laboratory, why not try us? Besides, we work with non-digital and digital impressions from most intraoral scanners.

Who we are?

Our design began in early 2003. By 2007, Beverly Hills Esthetic on Wilshire Blvd, near Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, was opened as a luxury division. Since then, we have been servicing high-end cosmetic dentistry all around the country. In addition, some of our clients are well-renowned American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Fellowship and other prestigious organizations. Simply try with your diagnostic wax-up today.

Why work with Us?

It’s simple and straightforward. The dental industry is rapidly adopting high technology. As such, machines are substituting skilled ceramists. Thus, handcrafting is becoming rare. In our dental laboratory in Beverly Hills, all processes from start to finish are handcrafted by our gifted and highly-trained dental technicians. In addition, we utilize a microscope with 10x power for accuracy and precision.

Our Promises & Dedications

Every dental laboratory promises good results. In addition, every lab claims to be the best in the industry. Even more so with the introduction of digital and CAD/CAM technology. To some labs, digital technology is a good cover for their shortcoming or even lack of skills. If anyone sells for their high technology, it may be an indication of their reliance on the machine!

At Beverly Hills Esthetic, we promise that every case is a handmade masterpiece that reflects our craftsmanship!
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Products of Dental Laboratory in Beverly Hills

  • Zirconium Oxide (Zirconia) Framework, Esthetically Layered with Premium Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Powder for Superior Aesthetic and Natural Translucency.
  • IPS e.max ZirCAD, Designed and Milled by CAD/CAM, Contoured and Finished by a Designer. Recommended for patients with bruxism or irregular bite conditions.
  • IPS e.max Pressed Framework, Aesthetically Layered with IPS e.max Ceramic Powder for Superior Aesthetic and Natural Translucency.
  • Empress Esthetic Crowns and Veneers, Aesthetically Layered with Ceramic for Durability and Natural Translucency.
  • Digitally Processed High Gold Content FGC for Maximum Aesthetic, Longevity, and Biocompatibility¬†(IDENTALLOY Certification included).
  • Zirconium Oxide Patient-Specific Atlantis and Encode Implant Abutments.
Porcelain Layering

Handmade by a Highly-Trained Designer

Porcelain Laminate Veneers
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What do we need to do our job perfectly?

We don’t take for granted any case that comes to our dental laboratory in Beverly Hills. In fact, every patient is unique and special. Also, we want to get it right the first time for every single crown. Also, returning for any adjustment or repair, except in unforeseeable circumstances, is not our norm. Besides, we pay extra attention so you don’t waste time in chairside adjusting crowns or veneers. Therefore, it will help us tremendously if you review the checklists below before sending cases to us.

  • Photos with shade guide tabs.
  • Waxup or study models.
  • Anticipated outcome design, pictures, or drawing.
  • Anterior Measurements.
  • Centric bite registrations.
  • Double-corded digital or PVS Impression.
  • Detailed instructions.

Note: Please help us by checking the impressions to ensure they are without voids, distortion, and bubbles. Also, if instructions are lengthy, please email them to us. Besides, trying to recognize or read handwritten instructions may cause mixup instructions.

The Best Dental Laboratory for You

Before one of our long-time dentists retired, he told us that we were the best dental laboratory he ever worked during his 43 years of dental practice. However, we don’t claim we are the best dental laboratory in Beverly Hills. In fact, we believe that the best laboratory is one that can provide you with the exact specified restoration for you and that understands you and your patients inside out. Are you tired of being treated like a case number?

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Diagnostic Wax Up

Design Diagnostic Wax-Up

Do you know the purpose of the aesthetic diagnostic wax-up? The objective is at least threefold:

  • Presentable to patients
  • Mock up the final restoration
  • Pattern the temporary

Thus, the diagnostic wax-up plays an extremely vital role. Most importantly, it should be an integral part of the permanent restorations. Therefore, designing diagnostic wax-up is the most crucial first step of all smile makeovers and full-mouth rehabilitations. As a dental laboratory in Beverly Hills, we don’t rush to design the aesthetic diagnostic wax-up. As such, we brainstorm, design, contour, and re-design until we create a masterpiece. All our wax-ups accompany a three-part matrix for an additional cost. Also, if you need premium models, please let us know before we start the design process.


We warranty that our products fit perfectly to 3D or die models 60 days from the date the dental clinic takes the impressions. Also, we guarantee that our products are free of defects for 90 days, also from the date the clinic takes the impressions. In addition, in the case of fracture or chipping, we will replace free of charge 180 days for crowns (or 90 days for veneers) from the date the dental clinic takes the impressions. Please note that design, contour, anatomy, shade, fitting, and other outcomes will significantly vary and depend on your prepping and patient’s conditions. In addition, the final shade will vary depending on the materials and the patient’s conditions, for example, the dentin color.


The dental laboratory in Beverly Hills and its parent company are not responsible for the suitability or the use of our products. When we suggest or recommend, it is strictly from a non-clinician perspective and should not be determined for final decision-making. Finally, all the above contents are original and unsubstantiated statements.